what are keywords and how to find them

What Are Keywords in SEO And How To Find Them?

Keyword Research is one of the most important topics. There is no substitute for keyword research to rank your website.

Because you have to do keyword research to know about the keywords of the post you will write about, people search on other search engines, including Google, and how much is searched on that topic every month. Also, the main focus of on-page SEO is keyword research.

But the problem is that those brand new to the blogging sector do not bother much about “keywords” and how to research them.

But you would be surprised to know that SEO is the lifeblood of a website. And the keyword is the lung of SEO.

Remember, no matter how much content you publish on your website, you do not do keyword research properly. Then you will not get the expected results even after publishing the content.

What is a keyword?

what are keywords

Keywords are words or sentences that people type in various search engines, including Google, to get any information.

That is to say, the word or sentence that we search to find the answer or information of a question in search engines is called keywords.

SEO experts also call it to search term or SEO keyword

What is keyword research?

This is the process of finding keywords that different people use in search engines.

And all that is done is to optimize the content of a website or blog site by those search terms and rank it in search engines.

Why is it important to do keyword research?

1. First, you can find out by doing keyword research what exactly different people are searching for in the search engine. Because if you create content on a topic that no one searches for, visitors will not come to your site.

2. This will allow you to know the keyword difficulty. How easy or difficult it would be to rank with any keyword. If you create content with a keyword with a lot of competition, it won’t be easy to rank.

Also, if you write content with very few competitive keywords, you will not get enough or no traffic at all.

3. You can find out how many people are searching by typing the monthly search volume of a keyword, Through which you can understand how much traffic or visitors you will get per month if you can rank with this keyword.

4. With the help of keyword research, you can come up with more and more keyword ideas on which to create more new content. That means you can find more new keywords and create new content from there.

What are the types of keywords in Keyword Research?

1. Seed Keyword: In SEO, the Seed keyword means the main keyword. When the most delicate subject is considered a keyword and given a search, it is called Seed Keyword. Seed Keyword is also called Niche Keyword.

2. Single Keyword: When a single word is typed in Search, it is called Single Keyword. For example, Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc.

3. Multiple Keywords: The keyword given by writing more than one word is called Multiple Keywords. For example, Samsung A4 mobile, Apple 12pro, etc.

4. Long-tail Keyword: When multiple words are added with the main keyword is called a long-tail keyword. For example: How to make money online?

5. Geographical Keyword: Geographical Keyword, sometimes referred to as Geo Targeting Keyword, can be the location of a business, customers, or distribution area. When a word refers to a specific location, it is called Geographical Keyword. Geographical keywords help to make the business more targeted and more visible. Some businesses benefit more by using geographical keyboards. For example, Salons, Plumbers, Electricians, Doctors, and specialists, etc.

How to do keyword research?

There are many tools available online for keyword research. You have to take the help of tools to do keyword research well. Because it is impossible to do 100% keyword research without tools, almost all good quality keyword tools available online are paid. Without money, it is not possible to do comprehensive keyword research using those tools.

If you can afford it, we suggest using paid tools for keyword research. But if you don’t have the money or time, Google Keyword Planner can help you get a good idea about keyword research for free.

If you want to use SEO tools for the money, you can use any following. Each of the following Five is a very favorite SEO tool to everyone who researches keywords.

If you want to use the keyword tool at the expense of money, you must use either Ahrefs or Semrush because these are the most reliable keywords research tools in the market right now.

How to do keyword research for free?

 If you don’t have a budget to buy a keyword research tool, you can still research your targeted keywords using some free tools. But in this case, you can do the fundamental research with a particular tool. You have to work with multiple tools to get your work done. We will share some tricks and tools below through which you can do 80% of your keyword research and the remaining you have to do manually.

Free Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

Adwords Keyword Planner is a google entity for Adwords Publishers. Google originally introduced this tool to give advertisers an idea of their website’s keywords before advertising them, but both AdWords Publishers and Webmaster can use it because of the Keyword Research option. This is a very useful free tool to get a clear idea about any keyword. To do keyword research with Google Keyword Planner, you must first create a Google AdWords account using your Gmail ID.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free tool for finding keywords that shows the estimated monthly search volume of a keyword, and it needs to be installed on google chrome as an extension to find the keywords. You can use it to find either regional or global search volume of any keywords.

Keyword Everywhere

This tool is free. All you have to do is expand this tool in the browser so that when you search for a keyword on Google, it shows you multiple keywords on the right, and you can put those articles in your article.If you target any specific country, then select the country you want to target that tool to show you only keywords ranked in that country.

When you search for a keyword, first search it on Google, start analysing the first ten articles of that keyword, and start writing the article because you can understand how the rest of the website used it in their article.

Researching keywords sounds very easy to hear, but it is not so much. You have to follow a few steps. It would be best to see how competitive this keyword is and how often it is searched on Google or other search engines. All you need to do is search for the relevant keyword in the niche where your blog is running, and if you manage to find a good keyword, your article will rank in Google.

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