Local Citation

A local citation means any online mention of a business, mentioning mainly the Name, Address, and Phone number of a business, on local business directories, on social media platforms, on website and apps. Citations show the existence of a business online and it is the most crucial ranking strategy for local business on Google maps ranking which helps the business to get more and more footprints of potential customers. Accurately done citpations help a business to rank on Google maps and they help the internet users to discover a local business.

Social Profiles Creation

There are Nearly 4.5 billion social media users around the world which means, more than half of the world population are using social media in 2021. More importantly its use in bringing a business to its targeted audience s is increasing day by day. Because these 4.5 billion People are not just only social media users rather they are the potential clients or customers of your services or products. Your social media profile helps you reach to more and more people and increase the credibility of your business. With the help of social media you can interact with peoole who often become valuable customers.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

There are hundreds of search engine algorithm factors but only few of them play big role in SEO. Backlink is one of these few factors and Web 2.0 backlink is one of the most effective of all sorts of backlinks out there. If you have a new blog or website and want to drive more traffic to your website from search engines you need to create Web 2.0 sites from which you can easily get quality backlinks to your main website. If you are planning to get backlinks for your business website or blog, you can hire us to create backlinks for your website. We create Web 2.0 on high authority sites and then start submitting unique and relevant quality content with relevent images to get backlink to the main site.

Keyword Research

If you are associated with SEO then you must have known that Keyword research is the most important and very first step for your SEO strategy. Before you write content for your website’s you have to find out what keywords or search terms your targeted audiences use to find your content, services, or products. Whatever the audience searches are your keywords. But finding out the best keywords from millions of keywords is not an easy task. If you chose wrong keywords, all your money and time will be wasted. So before select a keyword follow some basic guides: generate keyword ideas, analyze keywords, find right keywords and select them.

SEO Optimized Article Writing

A website or bog’s success mainly depends on its contents. If you need your SEO website on the top of search engine rankings, then you need to evaluate and plan exactly what you want in it to get among the search engines. You need to add authentic content that attracts the reader into visiting the website again and again. Right keywords and their implementation on article make the website’s fate whether it is going to attract audience or not. You have to keep many things in mind when you are writing an article for your website because a website article is different from a general article. Your article on blog regulates trust among you and your user, making you communicate with your visitors.

Authority Stacking

Google Authority Stacking​

Google stacks are a group of Google entities or Google assets that have been created to maximize SEO value and online visibility for a brand or company.

Some Google entities that are typically included in a Google stack are Google Site, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheet, Google Slides, Google Photos, and so on.

If you want your company to succeed in your niche, you can’t afford to neglect your online presence. While backlinking is already a common SEO practice, you can further boost your website’s rankings on Google by making the most out of what Google has to offer. You may want to get backlinks that will point to other domains owned by Google. This is called Google Authority Stacking.

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