Google Authority Stacking


Google authority stacking was first introduced by OMG and has later become one of the most famous ways to stacking authority from google. It helps to rank faster, higher and longer in organic and local search results. The most beneficial thing of Google stacking is getting links from google itself. It is a secure way to get backlinks for a site google doesn’t penalize the links as the links being created from google itself.
We all know that google only loves itself.
We create, optimized, and manage all properties manually for your preferred keywords and stack them together to bag maximum benefit in boasting the rank.


  • Increase ranking
  • Grow the power of the stack by adding more content to the properties
  • Permanent links from high authority websites
  • Increase in Map Rankings
  • The technique is recommended by G platform
  • Helps to boost Local Organic Rankings
  • It is 100% whitehat so you don’t have to worry about any penalties
  • Boost organic ranking
  • Permanent links from high authority websites
  • Passes power to your GMB

Carefully Crafted and Proved Ranking Hack. Google Site Stacks​



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Absolutely. Practically, we are creating a separate site with different Google owned entities stack in and your desired keywords mentioned tactically. Essentially different Google properties are embed on the google site with all of them having a central hub i.e Google Drive and it looks like a centralized location to all your business data put in the form of documents, slides, pdf, map etc. on Gcloud and put on a Gsite for easy access. Nothing negative about it, so far. We are leveraging by using google authority stack and it’s own properties.

There 3 scenarios to it –

1: Some clients send their own content with about 1000 words content for the GSite and 500 Words each for Gdocuments & Slide. Scenario

2: We can use spun content relevant to your niche in the standard packages. Scenario

3: You can order High Quality Unique Content as an Add On with the order.

Google Stacking is an authoritative SEO strategy that allows you to build backlinks on several Google platforms to other entity assets like the company’s website. These “Google Entities” include content in assets like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Maps, Youtube and more. Google indexes content on it’s own domains/assets very quickly as well.