What is google stacking in seo

What is Google Stacking in SEO?

Google stacks are networking tactics that search engine optimization professionals use to bring in organic traffic from the Google SERP. It has been used for years to increase rankings and it’s even more effective now. Authority stacking works by finding the right keywords, creating content around them, getting backlinks, and then using other strategies to get traffic from Google SERPS. By doing this you can easily improve your rankings in almost no time at all.

This post will go into detail on how authority stacking works so keep reading if you are curious to know about it.

What is Google Stacking?

A Google stack is nothing more than an SEO tactic which allows you to promote your website by building numerous backlinks on several Google properties. What are the benefits of using this strategy? Well, first of all, you will be able to build backlinks without having to create new websites or blogs, thus saving time and energy. What’s more is that you will be able to rank your website quickly because these properties already have high authority within Google’s algorithm as they are own by google itself.

What is Google Stacking in SEO?

Google stacking is an SEO term defined as the act of linking a Google entity or Google asset like a Google Site to another Google entity like a Google Sheet for the purpose of increasing authority around the subject entity (ie. entity authority) and that entity’s related domain (website) and Google My Business listing.

Some Google entities that are typically included in a stack are: Sites, Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, Photos. The term is primarily used by those in the search engine optimization industry when referring to authority-building activity.

Is Google Stacking Black Hat or White Hat?

Google stacking is simply building backlinks with the use of Google properties. It’s not against any rules, so you can call it white hat! But there are some best practices to keep in mind when google stacking that prevent it from being considered black hat. First off, stick to content relevant for your niche and don’t be spammy with your website keywords or anchor text. Use LSI keywords as part of the content on these platforms instead of just stuffing them into every link possible like a bot would do (which IS blackhat). Lastly, build up over time because if they see too many new links coming at once they may think you were trying to game their system which IS bad news bears for everyone involved.

Benefits of Google Entity Stacking:

Google entity stacking is a way to help increase your website’s rankings in terms of promotion and search results. Unlike riskier private blog networks (PBNs), Google Entity Stacking allows you to boostyour brand or entity presence online and use the authority of Google’s properties without the threat of penalization from Google. Some of the most effective benefits of google authority stacking are-

– Boost your rankings and website authority.

– Safe way to link build without getting flagged by Google as a risk.

– Leverage all of Google’s domains and solutions including their own entities.

– Increase the promotion and search results for your brand or entity presence online.

– No threat of being penalized from Google.

– Drive External Traffic: One of the biggest benefits is that you can drive more traffic back into your website by including links inside Gmail or uploading content directly into Docs and Slides. This way customers are finding out about your brand faster than ever before!

How Are Google Stacks Made?

The first step is creating advanced level google web properties, such as Google pdf, public folder in google drive, doc files and spreadsheets. Then you need use already pre-existing social profiles that are stacked inside these new properties by creating a link network through the five TF 30+ PBN links pointing to your website at sites.google.com

The final stage of this entire process ties everything together when all five pieces have been set up correctly:

  1. Advanced Level GCP’s like google drive – which can be used for publishing or editing documents anywhere just about anyone with an internet connection has access;
  2. Already existing SPF’s that are stacked inside the GCPs; which can be used to drive traffic and build links for your site, leveraging other people’s social profiles at Google.com


Google Stacks is a strong SEO strategy for ranking your website. It can be used in link building, content promotion, reputation management and more. If you’re looking for a way to optimize your SEO and rank higher in Google SERPs, then try out the powerful technique of Google stacking. It is believed that this strategy can help increase your website domain authority while also improving content promotion efforts. With all these benefits at stake, it might be worth investing some time into mastering this technique. We have provided you with an overview on how to do stacks so get started today! This article covered the basics of what it does, but if you want to learn more about how to use this powerful tool to help your business grow online or need someone who can do all that work for you then contact us today!

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