Why is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing?


Should I start social media inbound marketing to explore and increase brand awareness of my business?

We think social media inbound marketing plays a vital role to expand and increase the brand awareness of a business. It is undeniable that the vastly spreading social media has become a great place for marketing. In this article, we will be discussing what social media inbound marketing is and how it works for a business to reach its audience, and its ultimate goals. With the blessing of technology, the world has become a small village where everyone is connected to each other due to the use of different types of social media platforms.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing way, which aimed at attracting customers by creating effective and relevant content and interactions with the audience. In inbound marketing, it is customers who search for brands through channels like search engines, social media, or blogs. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing needs not to fight for the recognition of potential customers. Moreover, the business or the brand is not acquainted with the customers in advance. Your goal is to create content designed to solve problems as the audience needs, inbound marketing builds trust as well as credibility for potential customers and brands.

Inbound marketing methods

There are some most useful and common methods of inbound marketing like blogs, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertisement, sharing videos, and so on – to build brand awareness and credibility to attract new clients. All companies and brands must follow these methods to get visitors, potential clients, and promoters. To perform these actions, brands must use specific tools for each action, although these tools can still be used at different stages of the process.

Let’s see why social media is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy-

Social media helps to improve brand awareness

Social media is one of the proven easy methods that is being practiced by marketers to boost their business’s online presence. Whether it’s a small business or big, its social presence is a must. There are around 4 billion social media users worldwide, and each of them spends, approximately, two hours on social media every single day. Don’t you want to reach those 4 billion people to make them aware of your business or service?

To reach more and more people, you just need to have a social media profile or a page for your business to publish your contents which takes you to your target audience. Note that, the more people come to know about your business, the more awareness your business gets.

Find new content ideas and opportunities through social media

You can never assume what types of difficulties you are going to face especially when you just start your journey with social media. Because things will not always be as you planned. To cope up with all odds, it is necessary to create vast storage of content for the growth of your social media pages. Remember, content not only allows visitors to know about your products or business but it also helps to interact with them and gaining trust among them.

There are lots of tools to help you find a way to get more ideas to create content. Quora, Reddit, and Tumblr are some great social sites to visit with a view to getting new ideas, and content strategies for a business. By viewing these sites, one can what type of content is trending. How people are being engaged with it? One can even find and follow people who are from the same field. Analyzing them, you can adopt ideas from them or can perform on a particular area where they lack. Thus, you can keep yourself up to date to stay ahead of your competitors.

Social media helps to know targeted audiences’ intention

Social media is considered to be a crucial tool to get a clear perspective of your targeted audience. Because it allows you to choose your audience. People’s live presence on social media helps you to figure out what they want and what types of activities are being performed by them. Visitors love those contents that fully serving the purpose of what they are looking for. You have to closely monitor whenever they leave reviews, comments, and messages to your profile or page. This is how you can better understand their intention and take action based on their activities.

Helps to increase organic SEO performance

Search engine optimization boosts brand awareness by placing your content on top of the search queries. Though social media is not a ranking factor in SEO, when you share website links on social media and visitors go to your website by clicking those links, that results in a great impact on your content to rank on search engines. A business’s objective is to drive more and more traffic to its website. This is the place where people will find you to do business with you. And social media helps to drive more traffic to your website.

Get in touch with your customer

Social media is the only place where you get easy access to engage and interact with your customers or clients. Once you are able to establish good communication with customers and made them have a positive view towards your brand will definitely help you in conversion. The more you can connect and interact with them, the more you can convert them from visitors into customers.

Helps to reach thousands of people

Can you imagine how much money and efforts you have to put in to get your business to thousands of people? And how much time-consuming it will be. With the help of social media marketing, one can reach thousands of people shortly that too with less money and effort.

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